Dump Truck Overturned in WeHo Causes Sunset Blvd. Traffic Jam

(Photo: Jon Viscott)
(Photo: Jon Viscott)

A dump truck overturned today on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, causing a traffic jam there and slowing traffic on Fountain Avenue as motorists sought other routes to their destinations. Firefighters were sent to Sunset Boulevard at Kings Road at 11:32 a.m. No injuries were reported among people on the sidewalks, the Los Angeles County Fire Department reported. The truck driver, however, was taken to the hospital.

The truck spilt its load of what appeared to be demolition debris, partially onto a sidewalk. A sheriff’s deputy at the scene said it was one of the largest such crashes in recent memory.

Sunset Boulevard was temporarily closed until late afternoon between Olive Drive and Sweetzer Avenue while crews worked to clear the scene this afternoon.

(Photo: Jon Viscott)
(Photo: Jon Viscott)

(Photo: Jon Viscott)
(Photo: Jon Viscott)


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8 years ago

Glad no one was hurt. I was stuck in it for almost an hour. Does WEHOVille have an ap? Be cool to get the latest in the neighborhood.

El Futuro
El Futuro
9 years ago

Breaking News!….a 2011 photo of Sunset Blvd!

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