WEHOville Launches Gay Health Guide

Ten Things Gay Men Can Do to Stay Healthy

WEHOville.com today launches GayHealth, a section of its website that offers resources and news and answers to questions about gay men’s health.

GayHealth, which can be accessed here or from WEHOville’s GayLife page, is intended to address health issues of particular concern to WeHo’s gay community, which constitutes 40 percent of its population, and to the gay community in greater Los Angeles.

Gay Health and SexGayHealth’s LA Health Resources provides a list of places where health services are provided to gay men who lack insurance coverage. ABCs of Gay Sex is a guide to the risks inherent in various sexual practices engaged in by gay men. GayHealth Q&A provides quick answers to questions posted by readers about gay health issues.  And Worth a Look offers a collection of videos about gay health issues.

ABCs of Gay Sex

“We decided to launch this section because it is apparent that gay men still lack the information they need to live healthy lives,” said Henry E. (Hank) Scott, WEHOville’s publisher. “The information is out there.  But it’s often difficult to understand or misinterpreted and misunderstood. The current debate over whether and how the drug Truvada might be used to reduce HIV infection is a major example of that.”

Q & A

WEHOville invites readers to submit questions about health issues or concerns, which will be published without requiring disclosure of their names.  And it invites people and organizations to submit suggestions for additions or changes to the GayHealth section to make it an even better resource for a community that continues to face serious risks from HIV, drug abuse and other issues. Questions can be sent to GayHealth@WEHOville.com.  Suggestions for additions or improvements to the GayHealth section can be sent to Scott at Henry@WEHOville.com.

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