Impetuous and Passionate, John Duran Is What LA County Needs

Henry E. (Hank) Scott, publisher of WEHOville. (Photo by Austin Wondolowski)
Henry E. (Hank) Scott, publisher of WEHOville. (Photo by Austin Wondolowski)

We have to confess that it’s a little embarrassing to have the Los Angeles Times beat us to the punch. But we’ll swallow our pride and jump on the bandwagon by announcing that we also think John Duran would be the best choice to fill Zev Yaroslavsky’s seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

It should be obvious to anyone who has been a regular reader of that we have been critical sometimes of Duran’s approaches to certain issues.  We do wish he hadn’t rushed quite so quickly and dramatically into the melee about meningitis infections among gay men last year.  And we still don’t think pouring fake Stolichnaya vodka in a gutter was a good way to take a stand against homophobia in Russia. That said, we admire Duran’s passion for the causes he believes in (and he turns out to have been more right than wrong — by a long shot — in the meningitis matter.)

Our biggest area of disagreement is in campaign finance reform.  We think the City of West Hollywood needs the sort of campaign finance and ethics rules in place in cities such as San Francisco.  Duran’s response is that he can’t be bought.  But that’s not the issue. It’s a matter of perception, of keeping this remarkable city  high on the pedestal it already occupies for embracing diversity and providing the amenities and services that make West Hollywood such a wonderful place to live.

Those areas of disagreement are trumped by our admiration and respect for Duran’s public and personal efforts to help those who have suffered with addiction and HIV infection, issues he has successfully dealt with  himself. That and the fact that he comes from a somewhat more humble background than some of the other contenders in this race make him an empathetic politician, someone willing to take time to listen and understand the concerns of his constituents (although not necessarily to agree with them.)

Finally, while John Duran will, if he wins, be representing two million people across a wide area of Los Angeles County, we know that his heart always will be with West Hollywood.  Our city is small both in population and physical size.  But it is enormous in most every other way and needs the sort of presence that Los Angeles County Supervisor John Duran will give us. He will have our vote on June 3.


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Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson
8 years ago

Mr Duran trying to climb the political ladder and the legacy his service to the weho community has been as we all sit in traffic, dodge the ticket gotcha team and had to battle his back hoes out of plummer park and his efforts to demo great hall a national historic place when he side stepped John D’Amicos efforts to get the building back online with 5A at council and Mr Duran out of no where even after public comments full of support to leave the building alone, decided he wanted it demo’s and the residents present wishes didn’t matter… Read more »

luca d
luca d
8 years ago

i love these tortured editorials, hemming and hawing, seemingly and grudgingly endorsing the candidate we knew this site would favor. shocking. this website should just spare us the blather and post the following … “we respect him, but we disagree with him but he is sort of right on some issues but not on others, but he is gay so we endorse him. and he’ll shake my hand at a white party and we’ll make small talk and ogle the cute guys” …ugh. duran handled himself quite well during a televised debate that i recently watched. he’s a smart guy… Read more »

mike dunn
8 years ago

I don’t always agree with John Duran and some of his stuburn beliefs but he is the best choice for our new Supervisor. I’m a little worried about the money and outside influence one of his challengers has displayed. Let the Kennedy clan stay on the east coast, lets elect a Supervisor who grew up in the Los Angeles area and represented those in West Hollywood.

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