Bent-Con Calls on Fans to Enter Geek Pride Flag Contest

This white flag doesn't signify surrender but rather a blank slate.
This white flag doesn’t signify surrender but rather a blank slate.

In WeHo, you can go over the rainbow crosswalk. You can browse in stores that have merchandise arranged by color to suggest rainbows. And following the “flaggate” kerfuffle, a rainbow-emblazoned WeHo flag flies over City Hall.

The rainbow is iconic—but it’s not the only Pride flag around. There are a myriad of ways to show one’s “true colors” with flags for bisexual pride, transgender pride, asexual pride and ally pride. And LGBT geek/pop culture convention Bent-Con is looking to add one more to the mix: a flag to show Geek Pride.

Bent-Con, which will hold its annual convention November 7-9, has called on fans to submit designs for a Geek Pride flag contest.

“Submit your designs to between now and May 25th. Please put Geek pride flag in your subject. We will post them all on Facebook May 26th for voting. We will run the voting till June 1st,” Bent-Con said via Facebook.  “The winner will have his or her design made into a flag in time for the Christopher Street West/ West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade. We will carry it proudly and then display it in our booth.”

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