Police Chase Ends in Crash of Stolen Car with La Brea Avenue Closed

Tesla CrashUPDATE:  The following story has been updated with new information from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Six people have been hospitalized, one in critical condition, after a stolen Tesla struck a power pole, a Honda Civic carrying five people and two other cars before slamming into the Congregation Kol Ami synagogue in West Hollywood early today and bursting into flames.

As of 7 a.m. today, the car remained wedged in the wall of Kol Ami. Another car, its top sheered off, sat in front of the Huxley apartment building.

A Los Angeles Police Department patrol vehicle also sustained minor damage in an earlier collision as it pursued the stolen vehicle, LAPD Pacific Division Sgt. Campbell told City News Service.

Campbell, who would not provide his first name, said two suspects stole the brand new Tesla from a Tesla service center at 5840 W. Centinela Ave. in Los Angeles early today. A report from the Sheriff’s Department at 2:30 p.m. today said that police officers pursued the vehicle at first but abandoned the chase while northbound on La Brea Boulevard near the 10 Freeway. The driver of the stolen Tesla raced it north along La Brea at speeds estimated as as much as 100 miles per hour before colliding with another car after crossing the intersection with Santa Monica Boulevard.

The car continued on La Brea until it collided with two other cars near the intersection of Lexington and La Brea. The Tesla was split in half, with its back section stuck between a wall at the synagogue and its front half in flames. The driver, ejected from the vehicle, at first was presumed dead but was resuscitated by paramedics on the way to the hospital. A videographer at the scene said he saw firefighters dragging the other suspect from the car as it burned.

Four of the five occupants of the other two vehicles hit by the Tesla were injured, one seriously, Campbell said.

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mike dunn
mike dunn
9 years ago

The question of the police or sheriffs providing names is ridicules. What exactly is the publics need to know? In this case a LAPD officer provided his last name. Why does anyone need his first name? The same is true about the deputies involved in the shooting on Palm Ave. Why is it anyone’s business to know those deputies names. They may all seek transfers out of West Hollywood never to be seen in our city again. Their actions the night of the shooting are being investigated by multiple agencies. And Michael, common practice is to suspend the pursuit if… Read more »

Kris Topher
9 years ago

A crook steals a Tesla and leads police on a high-speed chase, but somehow it’s not the crook who’s guilty of “unnecessary arrogance” or “deliberate unpleasantness” or is “totally useless.” It’s the police … if your brain is numb enough to buy into the mindless rants of the three previous posters.

9 years ago

Los Angeles is a total joke. The police are worse. The scene is still cut off. The LAPD failed to follow the speeding suspect or warn the LA County of the out of control driver. I blame the totally useless and corrupt area we live in – LOS ANGELES.

9 years ago

It is insane that a police officer would refuse to provide his first name. What is this guy’s problem? This is just deliberate unpleasantness.

Todd Bianco
9 years ago

Here are more pictures and a video of the crash. The story says that the Model S was travelling over 100 mph. Yikes.


Todd Bianco
9 years ago

The Tesla Model S was probably in for service as the Centinela location is a service center, not a Tesla Store. They don’t give test drives at service centers and you usually have to have an appointment to test drive one. The closest stores are in the Century City Shopping Center and the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I love how the LAPD officer wouldn’t provide his first name. What was he worried about? More unnecessary arrogance and lack of transparency from law enforcement. The Model S is one of the safest cars on the road, so it must… Read more »

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