VGL Kickball Marches On: It’s Week 3

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In a display of camaraderie, Kick Tease team members show off their new shirts.

The third week of Varsity Gay League’s kickball season ended this weekend with results as follows:


  • Spice Balls beat Balls are the New Black 14-2
  • St. Olaf Cougars beat Scream Queens 13-8
  • New Kicks tied Suck my Kick 2-2
  • The Misfits Beat Kick Tease 13-1
  • The Real Pitches of VGL beat Jealous of Our Boogie 12-3
  • The Lubricated Marys beat Huevos Con Chorizo 18-2
  • One Kick Wonders beat Heads Will Roll 10-8
  • Iggy Ballzalea beat Fresh Balls of Bel-Air 5-2


  • We Woke Up Like This beat Stuff Competition 10-1
  • Backdoor Sliders beat Shady Bishes 7-2
  • Bloody Marys beat TBD – 4-0
  • Pitches N’Hoes beat Socal Social Club 9-2
  • TBD beat Lezonya 5-2

Take a look at the action on the pages that follow:

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