These Girls at The Abbey Tell Why They ‘Switched to Gays’

If you’ve ever wondered why so many girls hang out at The Abbey in West Hollywood these days (and what’s wrong with that?), perhaps you should let Shannon Hunt and Lauren Tarantino tell you.

In “I Switched to Gays,” their hilarious video shot at The Abbey and recently published on YouTube, the pop duo of “Better Off Blonde” make the case for straight girls going for gay boys. Of course if you’re gay you just might see things differently, especially after the umpteenth time a guy you meet on Grindr or Scruff stands you up. But hey, as we all know, the grass is always greener on the other side!

The music video was shot and directed by Dan McClung, Theresa Pena and Justin Mortelliti, and the song was produced by Gabe Lopez.

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