Partner of Missing West Hollywood Man, Now Hospitalized, is Raising Money for His Medical Care

Ramon Estrada
Ramon Estrada

After a week of searching for a West Hollywood man, Ramon Estrada’s family discovered that he was at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Media reports say that Estrada was in a coma when his family discovered he was in the hospital.

Police could not provide an update on Estrada’s condition, but according to a GoFundMe page created by Estrada’s partner, Michael Shutt, Estrada is now “struggling to get better. He is suffering from head trauma, pneumonia and heart problems from aspirating due to an unknown accident or assault.” The GoFundMe seeks to raise money to assist with Estrada’s medical care.

On the page, Shutt describes the “miracle” that reunited him with Estrada”

Wendy and Michael went back to check on the status of the missing persons report and spoke to the detectives. Unknowingly, the same detective they had spoken to was the same one that had fingered printed Ramon to identify him the week prior. (His hands were too swollen to get a full print). They presented the detective with the flier that was made for Ramon and the detective was flabbergasted as he recognized him right away. He informed them that he is almost certain that this was the same person and that he was at Cedars Sinai.

On the night he disappeared, Estrada had reportedly been at the West Hollywood bar Gold Coast. He’d called Shutt to say he was about to walk home but never arrived.

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Allan Dallatorre
Allan Dallatorre
8 years ago

Gay bashers or Violent WeHo queens either makes me sick to my stomach!!

luca d
luca d
8 years ago

raising money for healthcare? didn’t he and partner join covered california, it’s the law?
this entire story is odd.

8 years ago

They were probably calling hospitals and asking for him by name. Since the hospital had him fingerprinted he obviously came in without ID, which is not uncommon for assault victims.

8 years ago

Rather confusing reporting, especially when one follows the ‘media reports…’ link and finds that he was found (by others) and taken to the hospital within 20 minutes of his check-in call. Glad they’ve finally located him, but did the family not think to check with the local hospitals?

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