‘Unsure/Positive’ Aims to Look at the New Reality of Life with HIV with Humor

It’s time for a new look at HIV. That’s the premise of Christian Daniel Kiley’s proposed TV “dramedy” series “Unsure/Positive.”

In a post about the series on Poz.com, Kiley notes that most films about HIV end with the death of the protagonist (think “Philadelphia,” “Longtime Companion” and “Dallas Buyers Club”). Even though the protagonist is HBO’s adaptation of “The Normal Heart” survives, the friends around him die.

But today, with anti-retroviral medications, HIV isn’t a death sentence. But it still is a life changer.

“I conceived of this project as a series because, put simply, life with HIV tends to go on these days,” Kiley says. “And since I’ve never really seen a story about someone like myself, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering what it would feel like to have that experience.”

“Using a combination of comedy and drama, ‘Unsure/Positive’ will explore situations in the life of its protagonist, Kieran—situations that he and other HIV-positive people go through as they live on, and stay positive. (Pun absolutely intended, of course.),” Kiley writes. “The primary goal of this series? Entertainment. If, along the way, we can expose and explore the complex social stigma of living with HIV? Well, that’s just gravy.”

Kiley, who was diagnosed with HIV in 2007, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to fund the production. With six days left, he’s a little more than halfway towards his goal.

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