L.A. Bi Task Force Conducting Community Needs Assessment Survey

LABTF needs assessment image

The Los Angeles Bi Task Force is gathering data for a community needs assessment on bisexual, pansexual and fluid-identified people. LABTF is accepting input via an online survey, which will be open for responses until August 31.

“The Los Angeles Bi Task Force (LABTF) created this needs assessment to gather information on current social, psychological, medical, cultural, and political issues and needs of bisexual, pansexual, and fluid individuals in the Greater Los Angeles Area,” according to the survey website. 

“The purpose of this survey is to increase visibility, support, and advocacy of the bisexual, pansexual, and fluid community, which has been and continues to be underrepresented and under-served. The results will be made available in a report that will be disseminated by LABTF to other local and national bi, LGBT, and mainstream organizations,” according to the survey website. 

Each person who completes the survey will be entered in a drawing for a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

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