WeHo-Based Trevor Project & Other Orgs #PowerOn an Initiative to Provide Computers to Underprivileged LGBTQ Teens


powerThe West Hollywood-based Trevor Project, which operates a suicide-prevention hotline for LGBT youth, has partnered with Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN) and human I-T for “#Power On,” an initiative to provide LGBTQ youth access to computers and online resources.

“From today through ‘LGBT Spirit Day’ on October 17, 2014, the organizations will work to encourage individuals to donate their laptops, tablets and/or smart phones through the campaign to be distributed to LGBTQ resource centers across the US, so that LGBTQ teens can gain instant access to online resources,” said an August 8 press release announcing the campaign.

“Technology donated through the campaign will be refurbished by human I-T to provide the latest up-to-date security and open-source technology, and will specifically include resources for LGBTQ youth.”

According to GLSEN’s “Out Online” study, more than half of LGBTQ youth who were not out to peers in person had used the Internet to connect with other LGBTQ people, the press release said.

“At The Trevor Project, we know that connecting to a community can lead to support and friendships, as well as reduce the risk for suicide attempts and other high-risk behaviors,” said Abbe Land, executive director of The Trevor Project, “but for young LGBTQ people, it may not be easy to find others like them nearby. That’s why we are so excited for this partnership with Straight But Not Narrow and human I-T to ensure underserved LGBTQ youth can access TrevorSpace.org in addition to other life-affirming resources.”

For more information, or to donate a laptops, tablet or smartphone, visit human-i-t.org/ally.



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