LAPD Seeking Witnesses in Connection with Ramon Estrada Homicide

Ramon Estrada
Ramon Estrada

The death of Ramon Estrada has been deemed a homicide and the LAPD is seeking three people who were reportedly running from the scene on July 7, when Estrada was brutally beaten after leaving Gold Coast bar at 8228 Santa Monica Blvd. at La Jolla.

According to Det. Scott Masterson of the LAPD, police are seeking a light-colored car (beige, tan or silver), likely a small SUV or a car with a hatchback. It might be a Lexus SUV RX350, Masterson said, but that is not certain. Police are also seeking three black men, around ages 18 to 25, who were seen running from the area. It is not known whether they were involved or were witnesses who were fleeing. The car was reportedly being driven by a fourth person, but no description of the driver is available.

Masterson said that he hopes this information will trigger memories from someone who witnessed something the night Estrada was attacked. He acknowledged that the investigation “lost a lot of valuable time” due to the circumstances of Estrada’s attack.

The night of the attack, Estrada was found a little after 2 a.m. lying unconscious between parked cars at Santa Monica Boulevard and Mansfield in Los Angeles. He was taken to a hospital but didn’t have an ID on him, and his cell phone had been stolen. His hands were too badly damaged to produce a fingerprint.

After a week, Estrada’s partner and family found him at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Estrada died on Aug. 4.

Masterson said that anyone with information about the attack can call 213-382-9470. Information can be given anonymously.

The LA LGBT Center will host a gathering in remembrance of Estrada on Tuesday.

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8 years ago

… So sorry to learn this about my former place of residence in West Hollywood, when I worked for “Billboard Magazine.” Hope they find these murderers, charge-&-convict them.

mike dunn
mike dunn
8 years ago

Los Angeles does, West Hollywood doesn’t except at certain intersections only to catch vehicles running red lights.

Wesley Cole
8 years ago

First this then crosswalks, does this city not have cameras ANY WHERE?

mike dunn
mike dunn
8 years ago

It wouldn’t surprise me if the persons responsible for this attack were regulars in the area. Santa Monica and Highland has become the hang out for some very scary people the last few years. Flood the area with police cars and increase the amount of field interrogations and I’m sure the I’D of those involved will come to light.

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