Restrictions Eased on Labor Day Parking in WeHo

Parking MeterSome parking regulations will not be enforced in West Hollywood on Monday because of  the Labor Day holiday.

Parking meters (and meter time limits), peak-hour towing restrictions and street sweeping restrictions will not be enforced on the Monday. Enforcement will resume on Tuesday.

Other parking regulations, including permit parking, will remain in effect on Monday.

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8 years ago

Agree Larry. These new meters times are horrible. They discourage people from spending any time in Weho and force people into overpriced garages. I would go a step further and have the meters stop at 6pm. Perfect example…I had an event to attend in Weho on a Thursday evening. I had to park down on Melrose and walk back up to SM Blvd. I then set the alarm on my phone to know when my 2 hours were up. So I had to leave my event early! I even thought it would have been nice to get a drink or… Read more »

8 years ago

Less street traffic, Larry? That sounds good to me; less traffic means less chance of a pedestrian being hit by a car.

Will the meters finally be programmed to let people know they don’t have to pay? These meters have the technology to do that, but the city wants people to feed the meters when they don’t have to. Weho – always going for the least friendly alternative.

Larry Block
Larry Block
8 years ago

Lower the meter hours till 8pm and stop the 2hour limit on parking. Free Sunday parking.. these policies have killed the street traffic on Sundays.

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