Potential New Owner of Eleven Takes on Westboro Baptist Homophobia

If Jacqui Squatriglia and Chris Barnes complete their acquisition of Eleven Restaurant and Nightclub in West Hollywood’s Boystown, the heterosexual couple are sure to be criticized by some in the gayborhood for being straight. That’s despite the fact that they are celebrated in New York City as the owners of Flaming Saddles, a gay country/western bar in Hells Kitchen that has attracted the attention of The New York Times. But there’s even more reason to celebrate the couple as gay-friendly if not gay adoring. It comes in a video that Barnes produced called “Westbrook Baptist Blues” that takes an amusing and critical look at that homophobic religious cult infamous for its proclamation that gays should die. Dana Fuchs and Felicia Collins from the Late Show band join Barnes in the performance.

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Jerome Cleary
Jerome Cleary
9 years ago

here’s the ULTIMATE God Hates Fags Ambush Comedy Video:

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