Sunset Boulevard Lanes Reduced for Road Repairs

UPDATE 4:26 p.m.: According to the city of West Hollywood, all traffic lanes on Sunset Boulevard have been re-opened in both directions. 

UPDATE 11:57 a.m.: According to the city of West Hollywood, all traffic lanes on Sunset Boulevard are expected to be re-opened by 3 p.m. today.  

One eastbound and one westbound lane on Sunset Boulevard at La Cienega have been closed temporarily to permit repaving where a water main broke on Friday.

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8 years ago

While this incident is certainly extraordinary, the fact is that traffic through West Hollywood is always a nightmare and is much worse that it is in L.A. to the east and Beverly Hills to the west. Every single streetlight in L.A. is wired to a central control center that can adjust light timing to address real time traffic issues. Does WeHo have a similar system? I would suspect not, but don’t know for sure. Also, it is my recollection that the original developer of the Sunset/La Cienega project was suppsoed to fund a traffic light synchronization project. Did that ever… Read more »

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