‘Falling’: A Moving Video about the Impact of Meth on Gay Men

A heartbreaking, but ultimately gratifying, video about gay men and meth has been released today by Impulse Group.

“Falling,” from designer/writer John Saint-Denis, comes from the same team that produced the acclaimed shorts “Knowing” and “Open.” It offers a brief look at a young gay man who finds his life collapsing because of an addiction to meth and a look at the impact of that on those around him.

Impulse Group reports that recent studies show self-reported rates of methamphetamine use in Los Angeles by gay men have reached levels as high as 53 percent, and have not fallen below 11 percent in the past decade. Compared to non-users, users are more likely to report unprotected anal intercourse and/or substance use during sex, both of which have been associated with

increased risk of contracting or transmitting HIV.

“I think life for young gay men is often more complex than what we see on the surface,” said Saint-Denis. “Moments when we make choices, good and bad, are part of everyday life. We’ve set out to show those moments without any judgment on the feelings, but with a clear point of view on the dangers we face. Our community gives us the opportunity to get ourselves in deep trouble, yet can also save us from complete destruction. I think simply reminding ourselves to choose love in these moments is what can set us apart.”

Impulse Group’s Michael Eisman teamed with John Saint-Denis, writer Ian Klein, producers Chris Rallo and S.A. Bachman and cinematographer Mimi Fuenzalida, each known for using artful short films to bring stories to life.

The main characters are played by Christopher Pelletier and Peter Rothbard from “Open,” and newcomer to the series Courtney Grant. There is a cameo performance by Namir Nasir from both “Knowing” and “Open.” The music is a rendition of Cheap Trick’s “I want you to want me” performed and donated by Chase Holfelder, a young straight artist and LGBT advocate who is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation.

Impulse Group Los Angeles is the founding chapter of an organization with chapters in Atlanta, New York City, San Diego, South Florida, Orlando, Mexico City and New Delhi. It is a group of socially active young men, sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, whose goal is to raise awareness of issues about HIV and AIDS.

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