AHF Offers Free HIV Testing Kits at Flex Gay Bathhouse

Orasure HIV testing kit machine.
Orasure HIV testing kit machine.
At Flex Spa, one of L.A. County’s better known gay bathhouses, one always has been able to buy soft drinks and snacks from vending machines. But now Flex has installed a vending machine with an arguably more useful product for those visiting a place that’s all about sex.

That vending machine will offer free HIV testing kits.

The distribution of the testing kits, manufactured by Orasure and usually sold for $46, is being underwritten by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

AHF, the largest AIDS organization in the United States, will make the HIV testing kits available at Flex’s bathhouses in Atlanta, Cleveland and Phoenix in addition to Los Angeles.

AHF is promoting the program as a way to “leverage technology and bolster HIV testing and awareness among high-risk populations.”

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Guy Privaton (@guyprivaton)

“L.A. County’s better known gay bathhouses,” …how many are there?

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