In WeHo, You Can Satisfy Many Sins of the Flesh Without Leaving Home

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So why would you leave the house to satisfy those sins of the flesh if you have a smart phone?

If you’re looking for love, albeit in all the wrong places, there’s Scruff and WeHo-based Grindr for gay men and WeHo-based Tinder for the hetero crowd. Saucy, which is based on Sunset Boulevard, is one of several companies that offers a mobile app (Saucy calls it the “Uber for alcohol”) to get booze to your front door. And now there’s Nestdrop, an app for ordering marijuana delivery on your smart phone.

Originally designed to take orders for alcohol, the Los Angeles company now is touting its app as the first in the nation on which one also can order weed. Nestdrop promises to make the delivery in an hour or less.

The Nestdrop weed delivery app is available for Android devises and will soon be available in an iOS version for iPhones.

“Medical marijuana patients will be required to upload a photo of valid ID and either a doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana identification card to Nestdrop’s securely encrypted vault to receive approval before ordering,” Nestdrop says in an announcement. “Unlike other online medical marijuana delivery services, Nestdrop is the first to provide an entirely in-app marketplace experience.”

“The response we’ve received since our initial announcement has been incredible with patients throughout the nation excited for Nestdrop,” said Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher. “Today marks a giant step forward in providing a safe alternative method for medical marijuana patients to get the medicine they need in a convenient, discrete fashion.”

Your local “dispensary,” (a.k.a. weed shop) has to approve the order, which Nestdrop says can be done in as little as five minutes.

Nestdrop has worked with local doctors to categorize the marijuana based on the relief it provides. There are various symptoms patients can choose to alleviate, including nausea, insomnia, pain, anxiety and spasms. What’s available depends on the supply at the local weed shop where Nestdrop does the pickup. Choices will include cannabidiol (CBD), bud, edible and concentrate.

Nestdrop currently serves Los Angeles residents as far west and south as Marina del Rey, east to Silver Lake and north to Encino, with plans to expand throughout Southern California and beyond.

Nestdrop says it complies with all of California’s medical marijuana laws. All orders are processed with the highest level of security using a 256-bit encrypted “token.” Anyone receiving delivery of medicinal marijuana must be of legal age, with proof of ID required.

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luca d
luca d
8 years ago

So why would you leave the house to satisfy those sins of the flesh if you have a smart phone?

Is there anything more pathetic, or sad?

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