WeHo Council Votes to Hold Special Election in June

The West Hollywood City Council seat held by Jeffrey Prang will be on the ballot in June.

vote, election 2015, west hollywood city councilThe Council voted unanimously tonight to schedule a special election to fill Prang’s seat, which he resigned after taking office as L.A. County Assessor on Dec. 1. The Council’s other option would have been to appoint someone to fill the remaining two years of Prang’s term.

Three other Council seats will be on the March 3 ballot. Incumbents John D’Amico and John Heilman are running for re-election along with 10 other challengers. Abbe Land, who has served on the Council for almost 18 years, announced that she would not seek re-election.

Two candidates who initially announced for the March 3 election spoke before the Council tonight to urge them to hold a special election rather than appoint someone to the Prang seat. Both of those speakers — Cole Ettman and Heidi Shink — decided not to run for office in March and have told supporters they will run in the June election.

It’s possible that a candidate who doesn’t win the March 3 election can announce for the June election. Councilmember John Duran said tonight that a candidate who loses the March 3 election would have three days to file for the June ballot.

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Scott T Imler
Scott T Imler
7 years ago

Perhaps Jeff could have rolled the loaded dice on his departure date, but I think $150,000 is money well spent, when it facilitates the community’s voice in its own good governance and mitigates “the crackling embers of hell scorned over” that to this day cloud the practice and spirit of local politics. On the overall landscape West Hollywood spending it’s embarrassingly little to quibble about.

Rob Bergstein
Rob Bergstein
7 years ago

Correct, timing issue. But I say we bill his campaign the approx. $150k that the special election is going to cost The City.
And was anyone REALLY surprised that Council opted for an election rather than appointment? Because that route went so well last time….I’m just a say’n…

Larry Block
7 years ago

Hi Pat, hope this answers your question.

Hi Larry.

The vacancy caused by the resignation of Jeffrey Prang did not commence until December 1, 2014. The deadline to call and notice an election is no later than the 113th day before the actual election day (Election Code). For March 3, that deadline was November 10th. You can only call for a special election to fill a vacancy one the vacancy commences and that didn’t happen until Dec. 1st.


Randy Matthews
7 years ago

Pat, I don’t remember the specific details, but Prang would have had to resign a week or so sooner than he actually did, in order to make that legally possible (by state law, I believe). It was a timing issue, I believe.

Pat Dixon
Pat Dixon
7 years ago

I don’t understand why all of these open seats can’t be voted upon in the March election. Why do we have to wait until June for a special election to fill Prang’s seat; why can’t it be done in March with the rest? What am I missing here.

7 years ago

Sure be nice to get all new (honest) council members. That has not be the case ever I don’t think? The first mayor of WH did time in prison for misdeeds as mayor. I always like the one who did porn! Dang he was sexy! Whatever happened to him? I have a feeling the olds will be back as council members as BIG $$$ are invested in their re-election campaigns. You need money to win elections.

Former Staff
7 years ago

Actually West Hollywood’s first mayor, Valerie Terrigno, was convicted on charges of embezzling money from a non-profit organization, not from the City of West Hollywood.

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