Cable and Electricity Outages Plague WeHo at Christmas


Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers on the Westside of West Hollywood were without television and internet service from about 3:30 this morning until late afternoon.

utilitiesA TWC spokesperson said fewer than 1,000 customers were affected. In an email to WEHOville, he said the outage was the result of a fire that damaged the company’s transmission cables. A repair worker said those affected were served by TWC’s hub 62. TWC said it was unable to explain what area exactly hub 62 served and how many people it served. TWC did not respond to WEHOville’s question as to whether customers could claim reimbursement for being without cable TV and internet service.

The cable service outage was the second utility failure in West Hollywood over the Christmas holiday. City News Service reported that 2,782 West Hollywood customers of Southern California Edison (SCE) lost their electrical power at about 3:40 a.m. on Christmas day. SCE said the electrical failure, which affected as many as 7,200 customers in West Hollywood and nearby areas, was the result of high winds that downed power lines.

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geometry dash lite
2 months ago

Time Warner is a terrible company!

8 years ago

Don’t ya’ just love that the spokesperson said “fewer than 1,000 customers were affected.” as if 900 people without TWC is an acceptable amount?

mike dunn
mike dunn
8 years ago
Reply to  Riley

If real penalties were assessed each time this happens perhaps Time/Warner would maintain their system more responsibly. AT&T rarely goes out. Why the big difference especially since AT&T infrastructure is a lot older.

mike dunn
mike dunn
8 years ago

and they wonder why I don’t change my slower internet service to them. It’s my only relief when the T.V. Cable goes out.

8 years ago

Time/Warner is a dreadful company!

Larry Block
8 years ago

My cable, internet, and phone went out about 3:00 am on Christmas Day and were restored today at around noon. Time Warner issued a credit for $20 yesterday, and then today they issued a credit for 2 days in the month pro-rated or about $9 and change. If you called to ask ‘whats wrong w my phone, tv and internet’ – they will issue you a credit at the same time. That’s what happened to me!

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