WeHo Chamber of Commerce Picks Keith Kaplan as New Chair

The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has chosen Keith Kaplan as its new chair. Kaplan will officially step into the role in early March, replacing Hany Haddad.

Keith Kaplan
Keith Kaplan

Kaplan has lived in West Hollywood for 30 years and has been very involved in the local business community. His Kaplan Group has provided marketing and public relations services to luxury fashion and jewelry brands. In his role as executive director of the Fur Information Council of America, Kaplan helped rally opposition to West Hollywood’s proposal to ban the sale of fur apparel. That effort failed, and the city implemented the ban in September 2013. Kaplan currently is a Realtor with Sotheby’s in West Hollywood.

Kaplan has served as co-chair of the Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee and as a member of its Executive Board of Directors.

The Chamber, founded in 1921, is the major representative of and advocate for businesses in West Hollywood. In March it will announce the names of recently elected new board members.

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8 years ago

Keith Kaplan is business-savvy, community-minded, well versed in legal matters and accomplished on many fronts. He will represent the West Hollywood business community with experienced professionalism, a cooperative approach and open-mindedness that respects the relationship between residents and the businesses that fund the Progressive Values upon which West Hollywood was founded.

Ken Howard
Ken Howard
8 years ago

As a long-time property owner and business owner in the City of West Hollywood, I am proud to publicly denounce the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for this fur-promoting man being its chair. Anyone who promotes the wearing of fur shouldn’t be president of anything. Down with the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce; you’re not getting a dime from me, and I encourage pet owners, animal welfare supporters, and other fair-minded people to boycott the organization and anything they have to do with. Promoters of fur have no business being in a city that has been a pioneer in legislation… Read more »

Larry Block
Larry Block
8 years ago

Congratulations to Keith. He has done many things for this community over his 30 years for people.. and not only business interests. I was glad to work with Keith at the Labor Day LA foundation and we raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for our local social service organizations.

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