KABC Gets Some Giggles in Its Look at the WeHo City Council Election

west hollywood city hall, kickstarter campaign

Jillian Barberie and John Phillips on KABC Radio’s “The Drive Home” take an amusing look at the West Hollywood City Council election and Deputygate in this interview with WEHOville publisher Henry E. (Hank) Scott, a recording of which is embedded above at 19 minutes.

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Scott T Imler
Scott T Imler
7 years ago

Interesting reel. You’re a brave man. It’s always an adventure to interview on drive-time radio where a DJ’s primary objective seems to be delivering their own presumptive verdict on the provocative story of the day. The expertise of the guest – if resourced at all – is usually cottaged, like cheese, to soft-pave a seemingly substantive path from the sublime to the absurd. While I never would have suspected that the heart of the “Deputy-gate” controversy was the social construct of “twinks, bears, cubs, chubs and daddies” it provided a lighthearted glance at the pre-marriage rituality from whence we come… Read more »

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