WeHo Celebrates ‘Xmas in July’ with Bar and Restaurant Specials


It’s WeHo Ho Ho as the City of West Hollywood celebrates local business with “Xmas in July.”

Already the city has put banners on more than two dozen light poles that feature images of people who work in local bars and restaurants. The bright yellow banners are along Santa Monica Boulevard between La Cienega and Robertson boulevards.

The city also is encouraging bars and restaurants to offer special selections to customers for the event, which is on July 25. The city is offering a 50 percent discount for permits for businesses hosting special events through July 31.

The PickUp, West Hollywood’s free nighttime shuttle along Santa Monica Boulevard, also will celebrate Xmas in July with its drivers wearing Santa hats.

More details about the Xmas in July event are available online. Information posted on social media will have the hashtag #xmasinjuly. For more information about special event permits, contact the city’s Special Events Division at (323) 848-6401. Additional information also is available from Laura Minnich at lminnich@weho.org or at (323) 848-6402.

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sarah gibson
2 months ago

Who celebrate Christmas in july. Well we all love to celebrate for whole year

8 years ago

Totally idiotic. How does Xmas have anything to do with bars and restaurants? Again this is the City pouring all its resources to a few well-connected donors and ignoring actual shopping areas like Sunset Plaza or Target Gateway. I’d rather they bring back Go-Go Appreciation Day or Mardi Gras if the City is intent on boosting the club scene at least that makes some sort of logical sense.

8 years ago

I agree with Nir. Why are City events always around the bars in Boystown?

Nir Zilberman
Nir Zilberman
8 years ago

it will be much more attractive if we start promoting our retail stores, fashion, designers not only alcohol in our bars.
maybe we need to take a look at our AA meeting, how full they are, drinking is not what we need to promote. drunks and drugs is doing great in our city, it’s sad but the truth.

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