WeHo Crime Rate Declined in December


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Part 1 crimes fell overall in West Hollywood in December, with a major decline in the City Center.

According to figures released by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, there were 131 serious crimes reported last month, a decline of 12% over December 2014. Part 1 crimes are defined as violent and property crimes. In the center of the city, crimes dropped 37% to a total of 26 last month. The biggest decrease was in thefts of property valued at more than $950, which declined 83%.

The largest increase in serious crimes in the Center City was in armed robberies. Three were reported last month compared to one in December 2014. West Hollywood has suffered from a rash of armed robberies in the City Center and Westside since December.

On the city’s Westside, serious crimes increased 9% over December 2014. There was an increase in residential burglaries, with seven reported last month compared to two in December 2014, and in incidents of grand theft, which increased from 12 to 15. The Westside experienced a slight in armed robberies, with two reported last month compared to one in December 2014.

The city’s Eastside saw vehicle burglaries decline from nine to six, residential burglaries decline from five to two and burglaries of other buildings decline from six to three.


The Sheriff’s Station report will be presented to the city’s Public Safety Commission at its meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the community rood at West Hollywood Library, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd,, south of Santa Monica.

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7 years ago

No, K, the epicenter is the Gateway shopping center. Has been since it was built. But I don’t know about the violent part. I just know it is a gathering place for homeless people.

Chris Sanger
Chris Sanger
7 years ago

K – There is a Public Safety Commission meeting tonight at the library. Public comment is encouraged. Officials are there. Perhaps that would be an even better forum than WeHoVille to raise your concerns?

Let us know how it goes.

K Meadows
K Meadows
7 years ago

Have you visited La Brea lately? It’s become a dumping ground for violent transients whose epicenter is Ralphs . Apparently WeHo ‘officials’ couldn’t give a sh*t about this area and refuse to take measures to clean it up.

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