Former WeHo Weed Dealer Sentenced to 16 Years for Illegal Distribution


A former West Hollywood medical marijuana dispensary operator accused of trying to burn down a rival’s home was sentenced today to 16 years behind bars in a separate case.

Weed marijuanaAndrew Harrison Kramer, 41, of Granada Hills pleaded guilty in November in Los Angeles federal court to one count of conspiracy to distribute at least 1,000 kilograms of marijuana.

Kramer was associated with eight dispensaries, including Zen Healing, one of only four such shops allowed to operate in West Hollywood.

He and at least four others shipped pot to South Carolina and elsewhere in return for hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug proceeds, prosecutors said.

“I’m very sorry for violating the law,” Kramer said prior to sentencing. “I realize I used poor judgment — and will never offend the law again.”

In a separate case, Kramer pleaded guilty in state court in 2014 to conspiracy to commit home invasion robbery, stalking and arson, but subsequently withdrew his plea and now faces trial.


Kramer is accused of hiring people to attack his former landlord and the landlord’s family, whose Beverly Hills home was set ablaze on two occasions between July 2008 and September 2012.

On another occasion, four men entered the landlord’s family home and struck the man’s wife and son, prosecutors said.

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Rick Watts
Rick Watts
7 years ago

On the contrary, Wes, for 2 arsons, 2 counts of attempted murder-for-hire, conspiracy to distribut 1/2 ton of pot, and launder hundreds of thousands of dollars, I don’t thin 40 years is at all excessive–though I readily concede 12 years for the knife-murderer sounds too light.

7 years ago

16 years is a bit excessive don’t you think? A murderer that stabs his lover over 40 times and then disembowles him only gets 12 years.

Jimmy Palmieri
7 years ago

This criminal behavior is what makes people not support medical mj. It takes one person to ruin it for everyone.

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