WeHo Residents Choose to Drive (by Themselves) to Get to Work

wehoville 201602 commuteA larger share of West Hollywood residents drove alone to work compared to those who work in West Hollywood and to residents of nearby cities. That’s according to an analysis by WeHo by the Numbers of Census Bureau survey data for West Hollywood and four other cities from 2010 to 2014.

Of the West Hollywood residents who commuted, an estimated 88% used a car, truck or van to get to work. Similarly, 83% of people who worked in the city used a car, truck or van to get here. Most of these workers were coming from outside the city, since only an estimated 11% of jobs were filled by residents. All of these numbers exclude people who worked at home, because they did not commute.

Most of the car commuters drove to work alone: 85% of residents and 74% of workers. The other car commuters were carpoolers. There were three times more carpoolers among West Hollywood workers (9%) than among residents (3%).
The differences between residents and workers went beyond carpooling. When compared to residents, workers were twice as likely to use transit for their commutes (9% versus 4%). The numbers also suggest they were more likely to bike to work (2% versus 1%).

WeHo by the Numbers also compared West Hollywood’s commuting choices to those of residents in Beverly Hills, Culver City, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. The estimates were based on the same survey period, 2010 to 2014, and excluded residents who worked at home.

The 85% of residents driving to work alone in West Hollywood was significantly higher than the 78% in Santa Monica and 71% in Los Angeles. It may also have been higher than in Culver City and Beverly Hills, but the survey’s margin of error makes it hard to sure.

West Hollywood’s commuting choices also differed from some or all of the other cities in carpooling, transit, and biking to work. To find out more, please see the Weho by the Numbers article: How does West Hollywood commute?

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