Construction Worker Killed in Accident on La Cienega Boulevard

A construction worker was killed this afternoon at the Sunset LaCienega project construction site on La Cienega Boulevard between Sunset and Fountain.

A rendering of CIM Group's Sunset La Cienega project on Sunset between La Cienega and Alta Loma
A rendering of CIM Group’s Sunset La Cienega project on Sunset between La Cienega and Alta Loma

Sgt. Kevin Rasmussen of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station confirmed that the death was the result of an industrial accident that occurred around 4 p.m. Apparently the worker was crushed by a construction crane.

The worker was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. His identity has not yet been released. Representatives from the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health are investigating the accident.

The CIM Group project consists of two parcels currently under construction. The parcel east of La Cienega will have two 10-story towers with 296 hotel rooms and 15,000 square feet of retail space. The middle parcel, located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Sunset and La Cienega, will be the site of two eight-story residential towers that will contain approximately 190 units plus retail stores and underground parking.

More information is available from the Sunset La Cienega Project managers at (213) 861-6126 or at Updates are posted regularly to the project’s website.

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Jag in Weho
Jag in Weho
7 years ago

The City Council is owned by the developers. If they were really top rate politicians, instead of local small time political fixers, they’d be owned Goldman Sachs.

Ty Geltmaker, Ph.D.
Ty Geltmaker, Ph.D.
7 years ago

Councillors: (knowing the oddities of your liaisons means odd tit-for-tat): This tragedy happens a day after the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Genevieve Morill argued against WeHo raising its minimum wage, for among other stated reasons, an estimated 80 percent of people who work in West Hollywood do not live in the city, as Morrill routinely states of her own (no doubt well-off) Marina del Rey residency. While the deceased worker was hopefully being paid union wages (wherever he actually resided) this grotesque situation begs the question of where West Hollywood has a soul if we… Read more »

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