Horvath Broadens Her Restrictions on Campaigning in WeHo (Or Does She? :)

And we thought April Fool’s Day had passed! The message below, purporting to be from WeHo Mayor Lindsey Horvath, was distributed to L.A. area media outlets this afternoon. It’s an obvious poke at Horvath’s declaration last week that Donald Trump would not be welcome in West Hollywood, a declaration that has sparked some controversy and a lot of media attention. Horvath told WEHOville that she was unaware of the email message, which certainly wasn’t from her. “I’m not banning anyone,” she said of allegations that she wants to ban Trump from campaigning in WeHo. “I just think that the tactics of one candidate are offensive.”

Declaration of Additional Speech and Assembly Permissions
Mayor Lindsey Horvath
April 11, 2016

I, Mayor Lindsey Horvath, under the authority granted to me by myself, declare the following additional speech and assembly permissions for the 2016 presidential campaign season, to be enforced alongside my official declaration of exile for Republican candidate Donald Trump:

Lindsey Horvath• Hillary Clinton is good to go. No restrictions apply. [Staff: Please add smiley face emoticon before releasing to media.]

• Senator Bernie Sanders is criticizing Hillary Clinton, which is sexist, so that’s kind of a hate crime, and I was partly a gender studies major, so believe me on this one. Still, Senator Sanders is running as a Democrat, so I will permit him to enter West Hollywood on all Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, and to speak freely and/or assemble campaign rallies on any of those days between the hours of noon and 4:30 p.m.

• Ted Cruz is banned from West Hollywood, but may stand on the Beverly Hills side of Doheny Boulevard and shout into West Hollywood. Let’s go ahead and limit this to Mondays during daylight hours, though, ’cause that guy’s a total clown and a hater.

• In the event that the Republicans do have a contested convention, and House Speaker Paul Ryan does become the Republican nominee, I went to Notre Dame and am generally okay with Catholics, especially now that the pope is cool on social justice. So Speaker Ryan may stay at the West Hollywood hotel of his choice, and is permitted to speak to people he may pass in the hallway or bump into at the pool or the hotel fitness center. No rallies, though, and I order him to stick to fiscal and governance stuff. If Speaker Ryan even mentions abortion, he shall be moved to the Beverly Hills side of Doheny. That’s final.

Declared as law by executive fiat, which I’m told is also a kind of car.


Senior Executive Mayoral Duchess Horvath
Fiefdom of West Hollywood.

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J Simmons
J Simmons
7 years ago

It was such a basic (come on everyine – High School Civics) The most fundemebtal part of the Constitutions Free Speech … is The GOVERNMENT CAN NOT PROHIBIT speech for many reasons, THE MOST OBVIOUS OF WHICH IS SPEACH AGAINST OR NOT FAVORED BY THE CURRENTLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT…. CAN NEVER BE PROHIBITED. Instead of admitting the error, or quietly retracting it and keeping quiet, Ms Meister is DOUBLING doun. I met her momentarily walking my dog. She seemed level headed and however briefly we spoke, Educated. Now I am worried. WHAT IS SHE THINKING? REALLY, PLEASE TELL US MAYOR PRO… Read more »

Steve Martin
Steve Martin
7 years ago

Thank goodness someone had the sense to lighten things up. It seems the Mayor is taking herself a bit too seriously and the media frenzy surrounding the Presidential campaign is obviously starving for any story, no matter how self serving, that can hold the public’s attention for sixty seconds. Still, you have to give the Mayor credit for being media savvy if perhaps a bit cynical. But at a time when Ted Cruz is talking about “protecting religious liberty” and Donald Trump is riding roughshod over his critics’ First Amendment rights, those of us who consider ourselves progressives need to… Read more »

Larry Block
Larry Block
7 years ago

Im not sure if somebody distributed this or its a joke. But to be honest its not a great joke. When I first heard Horvath speak about banning Trump and she posted same on her Facebook, I commented, ‘not very democratic’. But lets all take a step back and think about the great success of her message. Lindsey Horvath and West Hollywood have become part of the discussion for civil discourse in government. Sne didn’t change her values to fit the message. In fact, she took office and called for civil discourse in our own West Hollywood city government. During… Read more »

Mike Dolan
Mike Dolan
7 years ago

I definetly would not be fun at the (pick a topic) whine (r’s) thread fest. I love the sardonic humor. Thanks Wehoville.

Seriously, thank you Mayor Horvath. She knows the difference between ban and NOT WELCOME.

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