‘The WeHop’? ‘WeHoRoll’? ‘Wheels’? What to Call WeHo’s Bike Sharing Program

Where does WeHo’s bike share program go after “wehogo!” got a no?

The West Hollywood City Council will dip its hands into the question of how to brand the bike share program at its meeting Monday. At a previous meeting it rejected “wehogo!,” with some council members saying the name didn’t call out sufficiently the fact that the program is about bicycles. The city hopes to launch the program, which will provide bikes for rent at stands across the city, this summer.

wehogo! bike shareThe city’s Community Development Department staff and Symblaze, the consulting firm hired to help brand the program, were asked to consult with council members and develop other options.

Options that will be presented to the council on Monday, and the city staff’s arguments for them, are as follows:

1) The WeHop – represents a bouncy, light, friendly vibe that suggests the ease of easily hopping around town. Having “we” as part of the name also suggests community and a shared experience.

2) WeHoRide – a fun, utilitarian name that implies that the bike can be an alternate way to get from point A to B or can be a source of pleasure i.e., a joyride.

3) WeHoRoll – a natural sounding name that conveys a fast, smooth ride across the city. It also suggests easy action, rolling along, with an air of confidence.

4) WeHoPedals – a cool, sleek name that focuses on the actual act of pedaling. It also easily adapts to vernacular use i.e., “Don’t drive. Pedal.” Alternate: WeHoPedal.

5) WHeels – a sleek, simple compact name that is sporty and to-the-point. It identifies the system by its most basic element – the wheels. Alternate: WeHoWheelz.

Options considered previously that led to the choice of “wehogo!” were Rovr, Outrider, Woo bi and Zipper.

The City Council will consider the matter at its meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the City Council Chambers, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. south of Santa Monica. Parking is free in the structure behind the chambers of the ticket is validated in the Council Chamber lobby.

Meanwhile, suggestions WEHOville readers?  Please post your comments below.

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