WeHoPedals! Or Soon Will, with Bike Sharing Launch

Bikes at a sharing station. WeHo's launches this summer
Bikes at a sharing station. WeHo’s launches this summer

West Hollywood’s City Council last night decided not to back pedal again on choosing a name for the city’s bike share program. Some would argue, however, that it soft-pedaled by choosing a name that isn’t so clear.

But WeHoPedals! it is.

At its meeting on May 3, the council decided that “wehogo!,” the name recommended by city staffers and Symblaze, a marketing firm, was a no go. City Councilmember John D’Amico said the term sounded very general and wasn’t clearly bicycle focused.

Other options considered by the council last night were WeHop, WeHoRide, WeHoRoll and WHeels.

The city is celebrating National Bike Month and will host the “WeHo Bike Hub” from 7:30 to 10 a.m. Thursday in the sidewalk plaza at 8743 Santa Monica Blvd., near the intersection of Santa Monica and Hancock Avenue. Visitors can see an example of the bike stations that will be installed around the city. The city hopes to launch the bike sharing program this summer

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
6 years ago

Kind of “Insensitive” ? To hold the street show next to the bike store and bike rentals shop right across the street?

6 years ago

This required a “paid consultant”? Will we also need a paid consultant to study the probability of folks being mowed down by irresponsible bike renters/riders? Could we have had a simple naming and logo contest voted on by the community?

In the revenue plus column how about a temp license & insurance included in the rental fee for the occasional tourists and riders and a normal license/insurance requirement for those resident owners who, oblivious of their own potential peril, surely contribute to that of others.

Larry Block.
Larry Block.
6 years ago

WeBike. Most people loved that suggestions but the paid consultant did not come up with it — they went with one of the consultants names. After all, – the consultant got paid big bucks to come up with this name. Soon now we can all be pedal ers.

6 years ago

I hope the amateurs and the tourists who think it’s charming to pay $7 an hour for a bike rental know enough to not ride on the sidewalks.

William Margold
6 years ago

Two Wheels or Not Two Wheels? What a moronic question. More thought should be given to forcing West Hollywood bike riders to be “licensed”…and then being “ticketed” for violating commonsense/safety bike riding laws (“stay off of the sidewalks!”), and placing pedestrians (and their pets) in peril.

6 years ago

I like Denver’s Red bikes as opposed to the Green West Hollywood is using.

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