Annapurna Pictures Buys Five Properties in WeHo’s Norma Triangle

The Margo Leavin Gallery
The Margo Leavin Gallery at 812 Robertson Blvd.

Annapurna Pictures, the movie production company owned by Megan Ellison, has purchased the West Hollywood building that once housed Margo Leavin Gallery on Robertson Boulevard and several adjacent properties.

The Los Angeles Times reported the purchase today, saying that Annapurna had acquired five adjacent properties for a price of $40 million. According to the Times, it is unclear whether Ellison will use the property solely for offices or will also use it as a film studio.

Megan Ellison
Megan Ellison

Leavin closed her gallery, at 812 Robertson Blvd. at Keith, in 2012. It had been open for 42 years during which it established a reputation as one of the best galleries in Los Angeles.

The property is zoned for commercial use and sits just across Robertson from the Pavilions grocery store site. It is, however, surrounded by single-family homes and apartment buildings on its north and east. It is unclear which other adjacent properties were purchased by Annapurna.

According to the Times, the five buildings contain a total of 28,000 square feet of space on 35,000 square feet of land. The sale closed on May 20.

Ellison, 30, is the daughter of Larry Ellison, the founder of Ellison, Oracle, who is listed by Forbes as the world’s seventh-richest person. She launched t Annapurna in 2011 and since has earned three best picture Oscar nominations – one in 2013 for “Zero Dark Thirty” and two in 2014 for “American Hustle” and “Her.”

Combined, the buildings amount to 28,000 square feet on a lot measuring 35,000 square feet on the corner of Robertson Boulevard and Keith Avenue. The property has a film history. It used to be the location of movie studio for Norma Talmadge, the silent movie actor and producer. It was purchased in the 1050s by Tony Duquette, the stage and film artist. The sale of the properties closed May 20.

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Chris Sanger
Chris Sanger
6 years ago

These won’t be used to shoot movies. Feature films are shot on location almost entirely these days.The space isn’t big enough in any event, and likely would not be consistent with zoning. The gallery’s present production office tenants include Matt Weiner (“Mad Men.”) The building on the opposite end of the same block on Hilldale used to house George Harrison’s movie production company’s offices. This is no threat to the neighborhood. Indeed, it could see all properties within a few blocks see a big jump in already high values. The thing I notice is they chose to buy here rather… Read more »

Todd Bianco
6 years ago

@Brian These properties have been used as production offices (mostly) for as many years as I can remember. There was the Margo Leavin gallery, a beauty salon, a designer showroom and several other low-traffic businesses; but mostly small production company offices. These buildings will never be sound stages again as they are far too small for such uses, but there may be other production-related uses like ADR/Foley, FX, etc. The old Warner Hollywood, now The Lot, is still in operation as studio facilities. Why not a scaled down/smaller version at the south boundary of the Norma Triangle? Property values are… Read more »

Brian Holt
Brian Holt
6 years ago

@Todd perhaps. But let’s not forget the impact, negative impact it could also have on the quaint and quiet residential neighborhood that is Norma Triangle. I’m interested to know more about these so-called adjacent property purchases before my vote is cast. A movie studio in Norma Triangle? Really? That was then – this is now. Not quite the same. I’m for smart develpoment of all kinds, but not at the expense of the fast and furious destruction of “neighborhood” life of the few remaining R-1 zones left in West Hollywood. Note to the City: My. God. Man. Slow your roll.… Read more »

Todd Bianco
6 years ago

She’s following in Dad’s footsteps. $40 million is pocket change for Dad and even for her, the sale of one or two Bird Street houses or the sale of some Oracle shares could fund this purchase. I hope the properties are to be used as offices for her film company. The long history of these properties as film production offices and sound stages continues. Good for the local economy!

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