The LA Pride Parade in Pictures (In Case You Missed It)

Latina wrapped in the colors of Pride. (Photo by Derek Wear, Unikorn Photography)
Latina wrapped in the colors of Pride. (Photo by Derek Wear, Unikorn Photography)

If somehow you missed the LA Pride parade in West Hollywood on Sunday (which means you certainly could not have been in our compact city throughout which the Pride vibe resonated), then you didn’t get a look at the diversity of the LGBT community.

Derek Wear of Unikorn Photography was there. Take a look at what he saw on the pages below:

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7 years ago

cy husain, the City of West Hollywood is controlled by Democrats not Republicans and those Democrats allow these hate groups to disrupt our celebrations. It amazes me that the gay community supports the Democratic Party when it was Bill Clinton who signed into law DADT and DOMA. And it was the Obama administration who filed the appeal that rendered DADT unconstitutional, a federal suit filled by a Republican organization. And lets not forget it was FDR who ordered the Japanese community into concentration camps during WW2 although those of German and Italian decent mostly untouched. And the only two conservative… Read more »

Cy Husain
7 years ago

You make an excellent point Tom Smart! When Trump shows up in California, anyone who desires to exercise their 1st Amendment rights in opposing him is FORCED to do so several blocks away! Why is it that homophobic racist individuals are allowed to disrupt LGBT events or Peace rallies? The answer is simple, the current republican party and those in positions of power hold those very same homophobic and racist views! Even before the homophobic terror attack that killed 50 (this could go up even higher do to ones still in critical condition) LGBT individuals and the thwarted terror attack… Read more »

Tom Smart
Tom Smart
7 years ago

If demonstrators at political conventions and elsewhere are sometimes kept blocks away from these events, why does the city allow the religious homophobes to spew their hate in such a prominent spot as SMB and LaCienega???

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