Woman Stabs Boyfriend with Sword in WeHo Dispute

1146 Hacienda Place
1146 Hacienda Place

One West Hollywood couple had a memorable Fourth of July that resulted in the boyfriend being taken to the hospital and treated for stab wounds and the girlfriend being arrested on a felony charge of domestic violence.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. today at the man’s apartment at 1146 Hacienda Place. Lt. David Smith of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station said the couple had been drinking all day and then got into an argument.

Smith said the woman grabbed a decorative sword hanging on the wall of her boyfriend’s apartment and stabbed him in the abdomen. Smith said the boyfriend was taken to the hospital for treatment and is in good condition.

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Dark angel
Dark angel
7 years ago

It’s crazy that I overheard my neighbors (not going to mention names) were blaming Weho police that if they wouldve had more presence, crime like this wouldn’t have happened!!!! i almost wanted to smack them!! I mean if the crime happens on street I get it, but blame cops for couple fighting in their own home/apartment?

Jimmy Palmieri
7 years ago

I wonder if god told her to do it.

7 years ago

This is why “sword fights” don’t end well between male/female couples. 😀

David Reid
7 years ago

Heteros. Go figure. 🙂

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