Crime Was Light in WeHo Last Week

Below is the weekly crime report from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station that calls out incidents in WeHo from Sept. 5 to Sept. 11. The times are indicated in as Military Time, a concise form in which midnight is indicated as 0000 and noon as 1200. The list also includes the case number.

Sept. 5

Nothing significant to report

CrimeSept. 6

Robbery – Strong Arm (Suspect Arrested). 8200 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 1130. A man removed two bottles of a dietary supplement and left the store without payment. When confronted near the exit by an employee, the suspect pushed the employee away and left the area. Deputies responded, located and arrested the suspect. #05261

Vehicle Burglary. 1000 block N. Kings Road. @ 0428-0455. The front passenger’s side window and the rear driver’s side window were both smashed and two camera lenses were taken from the front floorboard and back seat. Loss $5,000. #05259

Sept. 7

Aggravated Assault – Knife. 8800 block Sunset Boulevard @ 2030. A man waved a knife at another man parking valet during a dispute in the parking lot. #05292

Vehicle Burglary. 7100 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 1422-1450. The front passenger’s side window was smashed and a laptop, iPad, speaker, hard drives, headset and passport were taken from the front seat. Loss $3,000. #05205

Sept. 8

Vehicle Burglary (Suspect Arrested). 1100 block La Brea Avenue @ 1242. A man broke the driver’s side door lock and was looking through the interior when the vehicle’s owner confronted him. The suspect exited the vehicle and struggled briefly with the victim. Deputies responded, located and arrested the suspect. Loss $100 (Door lock). #05308

Sept. 9

Residential Burglary. 8900 block Rosewood Avenue @ 2025-2305. A watch and signed basketball memorabilia were taken from the bedroom. No sign of forced entry. Loss $25,000. #05342

Sept. 10

Grand Theft. 8600 block Melrose Avenue @ 1000-1005. A laptop computer was taken from a table while the victim was in the bathroom. Loss $1,650. #05311

Sept. 11

Nothing significant to report.

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dark Angel
dark Angel
7 years ago

My only question is when are we going to learn to never leave anything valuable in plain view in our vehicle?? Weho Sheriffs cant patrol and protect every cars!!!!!!!!

Chris Sanger
Chris Sanger
7 years ago

It’s curious that those who claim that WeHo is a crime infested cesspool only comment those rare weeks when there are isolated incidents of serious crime. Those like this one, crickets.

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