Sheriff’s Deputies Looking for Man Who Stole a Car from Gardner Street Garage

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station is investigating break-ins at the garage of a condo building on the 1000 block of North Gardner Street earlier this month.

A video supplied by one of the condo owners clearly shows a man getting into Honda at 3:45 a.m. and starting the car and driving it away on Sept. 6. Other videos show the man breaking into three other cars and taking personal belongings from them on Sept. 13.

Detective Harry Morton said the station is creating flyers to distribute to patrol deputies in the hope that they might see the man who stole the car. Morton said the station’s detective bureau is investigating the incident.

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6 years ago

The auto’s owner must have left the garage door clicker in their car. Since he appears to be alone I would not guess the auto was being repo’d. But I have observed on several occations in my neighborhood repo teams breaking into buildings and repo’g cars.

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