Something to Be Thankful for: No Parking Meter Enforcement Tomorrow

Parking Meters West HollywoodOne thing West Hollywood residents (and visitors) can give thanks for on Thanksgiving Day is that the city is suspending enforcement of parking meter limits. No quarters required. The City of West Hollywood also will not tow cars parked during rush hour on thoroughfares such as Fountain Avenue. And there won’t be any street sweeping.

However all other parking regulations will be enforced, including permit parking in designated neighborhoods. Visitor permits will be available at the Kings Road Parking Structure and West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

City Hall will be closed for the holiday Thursday and Friday. However all parking rules and regulations will be enforced again beginning Friday.

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The Observer
The Observer
6 years ago

The hidden agenda is WALK to your destination or Uber if you like risky endeavors.

Dan Morin
Dan Morin
6 years ago

Has anyone ever counted how many parking meter spaces have been removed from public use since they become designated for valet parking. “Catch” the new restaurant atop the building on the northwest corner of Melrose and San Vicente (which was originally approved as an outdoor showroom) has at least six metered spaces designated as valet. How,many more will be removed from public use? Will this ever end?

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