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Larry Block, owner of The Block Party and an unsuccessful candidate in the 2015 City Council race (and a possible candidate in the March election) offered the West Hollywood City Council his fourth annual Christmas poem on Monday night. As usual, a few of the jokes were at the expense of a few of the council members.

First let me thank so many of you
For your love and get well wishes
While I was in the ICU.

Let’s start off and ask Mr. Paul
Why does it take four years
For crosswalk updates to be installed?

The homeless are still sleeping on our streets
Council refused to open a shelter
Or give them something to eat.

And what about the disaster called LA Pride?
Who is holding them accountable
For the financials they hide?

Lauren Meister assumed the Mayor’s seat
And then cut short public comment
In most all the meets


Mayor Horvath, I mean council member Horvath
Made the television rounds.
To ban the president-elect from coming to our town.

The Duran allegations all were settled
But your work John, on behalf of LGBT issues
Deserves a gold medal

And Sir John Heilman still going strong
32 Years John
Seems a bit too long

John D’Amico, a forever friend
Did you know he drives Jeanne Dobrin home
When these meetings end?

Soon there’s an election in 2017
A kvetch on Kings
And a few other queens

And to those who say “Run Larry run”
Public service to me is a lot of fun.

But now it’s time to come together
For the common good
Because that’s the spirit of West Hollywood

Once again, I’m so thankful to be here
Merry Christmas everybody
And Happy New Year!

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Larry Block
Larry Block
7 years ago

Thanks PT. Im not a candidate in this election. Did not file the paperwork. There are things that I feel deeply that would be better served from the public comment podium standing up for the community interests and not my self interest.

7 years ago

Run, Larry, run !!! We need you in WeHo City Coucil !

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