WeHo Chamber of Commerce Names New Board Members

West Hollywood Chamber of CommerceThe West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced new members of its board of directors.

They include John Adler of Phyllis Morris Originals, Johnnie Perkins of Athens Services, and Jeffrey S. Horton Thomas of the Thomas Employment Law firm.

Alexander Bazley of the West Hollywood Gateway was named chief financial officer and Fred Anawalt of Anawalt Lumber the board’s secretary. Tom Kiely, the new head of Visit West Hollywood, will represent that organization, which has a permanent seat on the board. Keith Kaplan, a real estate agent, will remain chair of the board, which has 24 members.

The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of local businesses and operates a political action committee that endorses candidates in West Hollywood City Council elections.

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concerned consumer
concerned consumer
6 years ago

Fred Anawalt is also the drug rep for Serono – the makers of the single most expensive HIV medication on the planet. At 25 to 30 thousand dollars a month, depending on the pharmacy from which one acquires the medication, its price has constantly risen over the years, and has remained ‘on patent’ to make its development costs back ad infinitum.

This is not Fred’s fault – but it is his profession.

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