WeHo Serious Crime Incidents Fell Sharply in December

Reported incidents of serious crime in West Hollywood fell 18% last month over the same month in 2015, according to a report by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The biggest decline was on the city’s Westside, home to its gay nightlife district and several residential neighborhoods. There overall serious crimes totaled 39 this December, a decrease of 41% compared with December 2015’s 66 reported incidents. Major decreases were in aggravated assault (down 89% to only one reported incident) and grand theft (down 43% to 12 incidents). Grand theft is theft of items worth more than $950.

The only increase was in reported incidents of petty theft, which were up 46% to a total of 19 last month. Petty theft is defined as theft of items valued at $950 or less.

The City Center area, which typically experiences relatively little crime, saw its serious crime rate grow 38% to 33 report incidents this past December. Vehicle burglaries and petty theft were the largest crime categories, with reports of nine and ten incidents, respectively.

On the Eastside, the serious crime rate remained stable, with a two percentage point decrease for a total of 43 reported serious crimes. The category with the largest number of crimes, by far, was petty thefts, with 20 reported incidents.

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5 years ago

When the city allows “low lifes” to roam our streets we will continue to have crime. It used to be the LASD and LAPD would herd the hustlers back and forth across La Brea Ave. We don’t see that anymore. Mc Donalds is a haven for street people. Doesn’t that qualify it as a neighborhood nuisance? The sheriffs are tied up every night the La Peer side of the old “Studio One” is open until well after 2:00AM. This club again appears to be a public nuisance. Being politically correct is nothing but stupidity. Rid our community of the undesirables… Read more »

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