LA LGBT Center Launches Website to Track Threats by Trump Administration

The L.A. LGBT Center has launched a website that will track federal legislative and policy threats to LGBT and other people during Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president.
The website,, allows viewers to register for alerts to such threats. The issues it is tracking are those involving health care, immigration, education, youth, seniors, equality, housing, hate crimes and domestic violence, transgender people and women. And it will provide alerts about specific events in Los Angeles. Only hours after Trump’s inauguration today, the White House already has removed from its website a Department of Labor report on LGBT people in the workforce, according to a story from The New York Times. It also has removed information on efforts to combat climate change.

“The Los Angeles LGBT Center is the nation’s largest social safety net for LGBT people, receiving more than 42,000 visits a month from some of the most vulnerable in our community, including homeless youth and seniors,” the Center says in an explanation of the project. “Under the new administration and congress, funding for many of our health and social services—and others like them around the country—are at risk, as are the people who depend on them. More than that, our basic civil rights and equality may be at stake. We need people to stay informed and we need people ready to respond.”

The Trump administration has been a matter of special concern to many residents of West Hollywood, a city with a reputation for being progressive and most of whose residents are registered Democrats. Forty percent of its population identifies as gay.

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6 years ago

I don’t know what has happened since, but at the time I heard that the old policies were being migrated to the National Archive, so they were’t removed; there was just a lag of time that was just a part of the process.

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