Opinion: Let’s Laugh As We Head Past Jan. 20, 2017

I have been taking some time to assess and decide on an appropriate response to the presence of our new president-to-be, paying attention to the confused attempts that the media are having in being able to communicate a narrative that is coherent and effective. So far I have not seen one. But I have finally come to the realization, for myself, that as always, only the truth is appropriate and effective. And I believe the truth here is that our next president is, after all is said, little more than a decidedly pompous buffoon.

Martin Gantman

He is a laughing stock. It is my only way to appraise him. And I believe the only effective way to approach and respond to him is by acknowledging him as the laughing stock that he is, and that he will represent for this country.

He can accuse and he can threaten, but he is a coward. He can make declarations and assume credit, but all one hears are whiney huffs and puffs. He is a blowhard, and an embarrassment. Everything that gusts from between his lips, or that spreads from the imperious touch of his fingers, is a reflection of that actuality.

I am convinced that our best common course of action is to laugh. Laugh at his inept efforts to disguise his deficiencies. Laugh, not as a benign reaction, but as a proactive force that will distract, befuddle, and diminish him. Laugh at his rudeness. Laugh at his wheezy threats. Laugh at his inane deafness and stubbornness. Laugh at his feeble attempts to camouflage his lack of currency. Laugh for the havoc and the damage he will wreak on our nation.

Don’t laugh at him, laugh about him. Laugh for the harm he is going to do, and the people he is going to hurt. Laugh at the madness and the absurdity of our contemporary condition.

Laugh until we are all laughing together, synchronously and uproariously. Laugh until his corpus shrinks in reaction to its own disbelief at our profoundness and our effectiveness. Laugh until our collective tears, tears released from the unbounded energy of our unified laughter, wash this humiliation away forever – and cleanse us.

Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

After, we will take time to cry.

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6 years ago

Are you still laughing Martin? Observing Trump slide into near incoherence as evidenced daily and compounded by his excruciating 75 minute “press conference” yesterday was predictable. As an example, anyone that has ever dealt with an addict even after they stop using are generally faced with an individual suffering from arrested development. They resort to an array of provocative and irresponsible devices to continue without changing their course. When surrounded by sycophantic enablers, family included, you have the gift we have been given. Bravo for Harwood yesterday who demonstrated wisdom, I believe, and simply disengaged. If there are any other… Read more »

Larry Block
Larry Block
6 years ago

Good advice, but having a hard time laughing watching the tv, listening to his cabinet picks, or becoming a dictator intimidating even the press. His strategy of projecting himself and putting any opponent on the defense is an offense against my ‘conscience’ of right and wrong.

carleton cronin
6 years ago

Your advice is understandable, yet I think misplaced as a singularly ignorant, self-serving demagogue has acquired the most powerful political position in the world with only 27% of the electorate voting for him. (Shame on the 90 million who did not vote!) His constituency was made up largely of citizens who did not bother to complain to their representatives and many, admitting to Trump, had never voted before 2016. Their ignorance of the actions required to maintain our democracy found the ear of a man with a long list of dislikes and enemies who need to be repaid for their… Read more »

matt boyd
6 years ago

Exactly my feelings. Thank you for your great opinion!

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