The Empress of WeHo Hosts GayLife’s GTV


Several years ago WEHOville launched GTV, your online guide to the newest and best videos for LGBT people.

Enoch Miller

Whether on Vimeo or YouTube or elsewhere, you can turn to GTV and check our recommendations, which include one-offs and series and comedy and drama.

We are happy to announce that Enoch Miller, known locally as the Empress of West Hollywood (#EmpressofWeho)., has agreed to moderate GTV. Miller’a passion is music, pop-culture, local events and all things LGBT-centric. He will keep eyes and ears open to the latest videos and provide a summary and link to the best of them on the GTV page.

Miller also has an amazing song list, which he has posted on the GTV page so you can take a break from your daily chores and lose yourself in music.

If you have suggestions for Miller, please email him at

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7 years ago

Congratulations to Enoch, a Creative Force of Nature and a Red State Rufugee!

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