The Big “V” This Week on GayTV with the Empress of Weho

This week we dish the “T” with Bro’laska about virginity, then we beat some face with Superfruit and finally wrap it all up with some hotties and lots of body….conscious ways for men, on the go, to stay fit thanks to Tom Daley and the Lean Machines.

Enoch Miller

These episodes will leave you gagging for more, and here on GayTV we are all about filling your gaping need for entertainment. As always don’t forget to like, subscribe and show your support for these amazing and talented YouTubers who work hard to bring you entertaining videos. If you ever have any questions or would like an audience with your Empress just email me at or message me on Instagram or Twitter @empressofweho. Visit the GayTV page for this week’s new highlights, and as always, the Royal Playlist.


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