Not Your President? You Can Celebrate That Monday at The Abbey

A President Trump dancer at The Abbey (Putin would be jealous).

With Donald Trump occupying the White House, some WeHo residents might be a little reluctant to celebrate Presidents Day on Monday.

If you are one of them, there is an option to sitting home and fretting while you watch the news. Consider getting a drink and a laugh by participating in “Not My President’s Day” at The Abbey.

The popular bar and restaurant and its adjacent The Chapel are putting on the event as part of its #Resist protest against Trump, who has campaigned on promises to deport immigrants, eliminate the national health insurance program and, depending on who Trump is talking to, push back against the progress in recent years on LGBT rights.

Monday’s party will feature The Abbey’s go go dancers in President Trump wigs and is hosted by Misty Violet with her impersonation of First Lady Melania Trump. The day features cocktails like “The Travel Ban,” “Putin’s Lover,” “Tweeter-In-Chief,” “Stolen Justice” and “Warned and Persisted.”

In announcing the event, The Abbey said it displays gay pride flags with “Don’t Tread on Me” and gay pride banners with #RESIST “to remind people to be watchful and mindful as evil forces from within our government seek to encroach on civil liberties.”

The Abbey will be encouraging people all weekend to donate to the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to further their efforts to protect civil liberties.

The Abbey is working with HRC and other LGBT community groups to hold monthly rallies at The Abbey. The first is a brunch with ROAR (Rise, Oppose and Resist!) on March 12 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. People who want to attend should just show up. For “Not My President’s Day,” the event is open to all and The Abbey encourages people to post photos of the President Trump dancers, tagging @realdonaldtrump on social media with #RESIST.

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Larry Block
Larry Block
6 years ago

If anybody needs a #notmyprez shirt to wear monday you can get it at the BlockParty

Nir Zilberman
Nir Zilberman
6 years ago
Reply to  Larry Block

Come to think about it, doesn’t this remain you all about “#NotOurPride ???
LA Pride 2016 runs June 10 through 12, 2016 at West Hollywood Park (647 N San Vicente Blvd). it seems like almost everything that happening in West Hollywood must ends up with alcohol and drugs…WHY?

6 years ago

Such SORE LOSERS WHO spread Hate, racism, propaganda, lies violence, and shut down freedom of speech to.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with everybody.

Sam Borelli
Sam Borelli
6 years ago

The Intolerant Right, right here in WeHo, won’t like this. #tough #MinorityPresident

Nir Zilberman
Nir Zilberman
6 years ago

You like it or not, He is ALL America President.
He won the election. Didn’t he????
Enough is Enough.
Maybe if we start with respect democracy, we will have a better AMERICA.

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