In Case You Missed It: ‘Not My Presidents Day’ at The Abbey

the abbey, donald trump, melania trump, misty violet
If Melania Trump really were Alluvia here’s who she would be marrying. (Photo courtesy of The Abbey)

If you spent Presidents Day evening at home (we hope with CNN and Fox turned off) lamenting the election of Donald Trump you might have had more fun at The Abbey.

The popular WeHo gay bar and restaurant and its adjacent The Chapel celebrated last night with “Not My Presidents Day” as part of the #Resist protest against conservative efforts against LGBT and womens’ rights as well as those of immigrants.

David Cooley, misty violet, donald trump #resist, not my president
David Cooley, owner of The Abbey, with Alluvia welcoming visitors. (Photo courtesy of The Abbey)

The event featured some go go dancers in President Trump wigs and was hosted by Alluvia, a more vocal version of First Lady Melania Trump. The cocktails like “The Travel Ban,” “Putin’s Lover,” “Tweeter-In-Chief,” “Stolen Justice” and “Warned and Persisted.”

In announcing the event, The Abbey said it displays gay pride flags with “Don’t Tread on Me” and gay pride banners with #RESIST “to remind people to be watchful and mindful as evil forces from within our government seek to encroach on civil liberties.”

The Abbey will be encouraging people all weekend to donate to the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to further their efforts to protect civil liberties.

The Abbey is working with HRC and other LGBT community groups to hold monthly rallies at The Abbey. The first is a brunch with ROAR (Rise, Oppose and Resist!) on March 12 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. People who want to attend should just show up.

The abbey, nasty woman, not my president, the abbey, #resist
You don’t have to be female to be a “Nasty Woman.” (Photo courtesy of The Abbey)
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