Latest Review Shows 18% Voter Turnout and More Ballots to Review

As of this afternoon the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder has determined that 4,979 ballots were cast in yesterday’s West Hollywood City Council election, which would indicate a voter turnout of 18% of the city’s 27,638 registered voters.

However there are at least another 1,000 ballots that must be reviewed. Of those, 496 are vote-by-mail ballots that were dropped off at polling places yesterday. Another 588 are provisional ballots, which are ballots completed by people at the wrong polling place. If the review determines that the voter is an authorized West Hollywood voter, such ballots are counted. There also may be more vote-by-mail ballots coming. Those ballots can be accepted as late as Friday so long as they are postmarked no later than yesterday.

As of early this morning, the results showed incumbents John Heilman and John Duran having won the election, with 2,252 votes (25.55%) and 1,929 votes (21.89%) respectively from the city’s nine precincts.

Candidates Steve Martin and Cynthia Blatt were tied with another, with each having received 17.38% of all votes cast, or 1,532.

Other challengers in order of their votes were Nate Clark, 469 votes (5.32%), Amanda Goodwin, 281 votes (3.19%), Carla Romo, 274 votes (3.11%), Michael Cautillo, 236 votes (2.67%), Reed Stillwell, 172 votes, (1.95%) and Joel Quaresimo, 137 votes (1.55%)

In an email to City Council members, City Clerk Yvonne Quarker said the next elections result update is scheduled for the end of the day Friday. It will include the 496 vote-by-mail ballots dropped at polling places and any others that have arrived by mail and are postmarked no later than March 7.

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6 years ago

The ability to vote is a civic responsibility, not a gift; it is a right. A gift would be an Election Day holiday. Granted, an election such as this one did not warrant a holiday. Personally, I wish there were more debates on WeHo TV – or anywhere I can watch live (or taped) reactions/responses. I also read questions to candidates (I found 80% rather dreary) at the competing paper and it is shameful that only the bottom tier candidates took the time to respond. Another source is candidate’s statements at LWV and when some self-important pompous asses can’t respond… Read more »

Gift Horse
Gift Horse
6 years ago

The ability to vote is a civic responsibility and a gift in our country. Perhaps we should be required to pay for this gift by way of actually voting and having that act tied to acquiring ine’s drivers license or other important papers. NO VOTEE, NO DRIVEE!

carleton cronin
6 years ago

Once again, a miserable turnout at 18%, but better than Los Angeles at 12%. These numbers and the low turnout at the Fall national election seem to indicate that most citizens are quite willing to let the minority of registered voters select their government administrators and plan their future. Beats having to think about life and its consequences…??

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