Car-Free Households in Decline in West Hollywood

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An estimated 12% of West Hollywood households are car-free, but the number has changed in recent years, and there are big differences among the city’s sub-populations. That is according to a new report by WeHo by the Numbers, based on Census Bureau estimates.

weho by the numbers
David Warren

Among nearby cities, West Hollywood (12%) is second only to Los Angeles (13%) in the share of car-free households. Santa Monica is next at 10%. Burbank and Beverly Hills follow with 8%, while only 7% of households are car-free in Culver City.

In West Hollywood, the number of car-free households has declined in recent years, both as a percentage and as an absolute number. The estimated percentage dropped from 17% in 2000 to 12% in the 2011-2015 period.

Only 5% of households under the age of 35 are car-free. Senior households, on the other hand, are much more likely to be car-free: an estimated 30%. Car-free households represent 10% of the remaining group, those in the 35 to 64 age range.

In addition to car-free households, West Hollywood has what the report calls “low-car” households: multi-person households with only one vehicle. About 10% of the city’s households fall in this category.

To find out how the car-free percentages differ for renters, transit riders, and workers, see the full report, Who lives car-free in West Hollywood?

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5 years ago

Amazing…..15 years later, more cars now than before Ride Shares and Bike-Shares.

People like to drive.

5 years ago

Perhaps if the MTA would build a Light Rail line running east-west thru our city as well as Beverly Hills and Los Angeles via Santa Monica Bl. to downtown Los Angeles many would abandon their autos. But instead the MTA would rather extend a light rail line into Riverside County paralleling the 210 freeway. A area where livestock out numbers humans along the route. And then there is a proposed light rail line being proposed running north-south approximately one mile east of the current Blue Line. But those in West Hollywood were tricked by the MTA into backing proposition “M”.… Read more »

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