‘The Last Great Frontier of CENSORED’ — WeHo’s Gay Bars

Derek Nelson, another boy moving west from a small town, came to West Hollywood from Pennsylvania, looking for a career as an actor. He was looking for fame in the right place. But as so many of us know, that fame is very hard to find.

Nelson waited tables, delivered pizza, anything to make a buck as he pursued an acting career. But it wasn’t working. He lost the first woman he had ever loved (her friends encouraged her to look for romance with money). And he ended up sleeping on the street.

Then Nelson discovered West Hollywood’s gay bars. As a go go dancer he finally was able to pay his bills. And he discovered that in West Hollywood’s Boystown it wasn’t just the gay boys who were enthralled by what he called his “Cockness Monster.”

In the pilot episode of his six-part “Down with David,” a YouTube series based largely on his life, Nelson meets a girl at a WeHo gay bar where he is dancing and is astonished to find out she isn’t a lesbian.

“My heart stopped, my soul shook, and my mind oozed to pure excitement,” says David, the character Nelson plays in the video. “I was a modern day f*cking Christopher Columbus. I had stumbled on the last great frontier of hot, horny p*ssy, the gay bars of West Hollywood.”

“David dives into familiar territory (love, sex, romance, friendship, career) in consistently unfamiliar ways,” says a review of the series on Huffington Post. “The result is something entirely new that addresses some of the oldest concerns of modern man: self-worth, self-doubt, self-loathing, the arrogance of toxic masculinity and the politics of sexuality.”

It also is incredibly funny (and so Not Suitable for Work, even though Derek carefully leaves a very, er, large erogenous bit to the imagination).

Nelson’s co-stars include Kerry O’Quinn, founder of StarLog, Nathan E. Wheeler and Stephanie Koenig. He recently completed another short film, “Belles of the Boulevard,” with Nikki Baker, known for her YouTube channel “Pranksters in Love.”

All six episodes are already online.

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4 years ago

naw-no more reality fame whoring please

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