City of WeHo Recognized with Four Awards for Planning

APA Los angelesThe City of West Hollywood is receiving four awards from the American Planning Association, Los Angeles Chapter.

APA Planning Awards recognize exceptional planning achievements by individuals, cities and businesses in the Los Angeles region. Winners are eligible for awards at the state and national levels.

The city received the Small Jurisdiction Implementation Award for its inclusionary housing program. It received the Communications Initiative Award for its communications and community engagement strategic plan.

The city received the Social Change & Diversity Award for its aging in place/aging in community five year strategic plan.

And it was one of four cities, including Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, that received the Planning Landmark Award.

The awards will be presented on June 22 at a ceremony at Barnsdall Gallery Theater, 4800 Hollywood Blvd.

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Albert S.
Albert S.
6 years ago

Don, yes, West Hollywood gets an award for being a wonderfully planned and forward-thinking city. The reason you enjoy all the benefits of living in a city with a budget surplus that funds so many city services and events is because of over 30 years of good decisions by the City Council as it has evolved over the years. If you don’t like it, leave.

6 years ago

FYI, the Rent Stabilization programs of the four cities are receiving the Planning Landmark Award which is “presented for projects at least 25 years old that are historically significant, initiated a new direction in planning or impacted American planning, cities or regions over a broad range of time or space,” according to the American Planning Association’s web site.

Don Azars
Don Azars
6 years ago

So cities that overbuild, ignore priorities such as traffic congestion, parking and residents needs get awards? LA gets an award? Really? As for our city, WeHo, parks do not represent the overall bowing to property developers.

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