Public Discussion Set for Tuesday on Sunset Strip Billboard Plan

project runway billboard
West Hollywood will host a public discussion of a proposal to increase the number of billboards on the Sunset Strip on Tuesday at City Hall’s community conference room.

The one-hour discussion, which will begin at 6:30 p.m., will focus on the proposal to revise regulations governing signs on Sunset Boulevard to permit as many as 18 additional billboards over the next 15 years, of which 17 could be digital billboards. City Hall is located at 8300 Santa Monica Blvd. at Sweetzer.

In addition, three existing billboards would be allowed to convert to digital. There currently are 89 billboards along the 1.6 miles of Sunset between Doheny and Havenhurst known as the Sunset Strip.  There also are four digital art signs.

The Sunset Strip Off-Site Signage Policy would amend the city’s current Sunset Specific Plan, which governs development in the area. A report from the city’s Community Development Department says “the amended policy includes standards and requirements for permitting a limited number of digital billboards and for limited opportunities to convert existing traditional billboards to digital billboards on eligible sites. In addition, the amended policy language allows for modifications to existing signs for changes to height, orientation of sign faces, or pole location. The policy also allows for limited modifications of allocation of sign area for existing tall wall signs.”

More information about the proposal is available at visit:

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6 years ago

Errrr, there go the street trees. More billboards mean more trees get hacked or cut down in the middle of the night so the billboards can be seen easier. Not mentioning any companies, but if trees block a line of sight for a billboard, its always curious how they seemingly get their tops cut off in the middle of the night

Shawn Thompson
6 years ago

How much did the Billboard lobby donate to both Duran And Heilman to get them re-elected? Does anyone know. Cause that’s why this is happening. Their are no residents at public comment saying give us more billboards and make them digital

Development Woes
Development Woes
6 years ago

106 billboards along 1.6 mile Sunset Strip is the future? The only section immune to the blight is Sunset Plaza owned by the Montgomery Family. How about balance as opposed to unrelenting commercialization where buildings no longer need to be significant? Currently their only requirement appears to be as substandard architectural placeholders for billboards.

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